Welcome to the Forest Foundry

This is my woodlands workshop where I’ll brew up my more ambitious and fantastical creations. Then I’ll offer them to you to crowdfund and save 25% in the process. When the goal is met, they will immediately go into production and you’ll receive these precious objects soon after. Like magic.

In the works:

Together in the Maelstrom - Special Edition Metal Print

Since moving mainly to digital painting, I've missed the precious object aspect of my traditional work. I've been thinking of ways to bring that to my digital work and the best way for me to do that was to make a large, gorgeous, special edition metal print with all the works.

So that's what I'm going to do... and that's what I did! When it came to the inaugural metal print, the first painting that came to mind was Together in the Maelstrom. The colors are vivid and the image was destined to be large and vast.

I got the protoype in a few weeks ago and my god is it stunning. The colors are so rich and the clear finish allows some of the metal to come through creating a glowing, iridescence. I think you'll really be blown away. I had the metal print mounted on super sturdy Cintra board and had backing installed so that it is ready to hang. It also has a window cut in the back to show all the info and comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity.

I'm very proud of this very precious object and I know you'll love it as well.

Pre-Orders Start May 20th, 2022

3:00 PM Eastern


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This limited edition metal print will only be produced if it meets its goal of $6,000.00 USD by June 10, 2022 18:58 (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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Together in the Maelstrom - Special Edition Metal Print - Pre-order

$975.00 USD

$1,300.00 USD


This Special Edition Print on Aluminum will be crowdfunded and available for pre-order at a discounted price. I wanted these to be as nice as possible so this presale format will help me produce an extremely quality product while providing you a chance to purchase at a discounted price. Win. Win. 

Archival Dye Sublimation on Aluminum

30" x 25"

Limited Edition of 15

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity printed on Moab Moenkopi Kozo Traditional Japanese Washi paper

Semi-Gloss over Clear Finish. Clear finish lets some of the metal through to provide an iridescent quality to the print. 

Mounted on 1/4" Cintra Board. An extremely sturdy and durable material. 

Inset Backing done with quality constructed Aluminum bracing. Provides a floating look. Ready to hang.