Night Cathedral

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The Approach

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Together in the Maelstrom -Special Edition Metal Print

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Bearers of the Broken

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Fade from Eternity

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Underworld Conveyance

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Boon of the Deepest Light

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Where Are You Located?

Our tiny Shop is located in the middle of a forgotten forest which is nestled in the farthest cranny deep inside the endless expanse of nowhere… so congratulations on finding us!

On Earth, we operate out of portal in Pittsburgh, PA.

When Did Andy Kehoe Shop Open?

Our Shop was started by multiversal artist, Andy Kehoe, who gained ownership of this Shop in 2016 after winning a raccoon slapping contest against a local brown bear named, Clawpaw. Before Andy turned it into an art shop, the Shop was called, “Bear Maximum” which sold risqué bear attire, grub panini makers, honey bee frozen yogurt, tree-sized back scratchers, and other bear-related leisure products. Clawpaw also used the Shop as a front for weed and smut so Andy's crew had some deep cleaning to do.

Wait. I feel magic here. Am I losing it?

Don't worry, you're not going crazy. Though Earth remains mostly devoid of magic these days, we do have one strong relic of true magical power. Imagination. These artworks have been known to stir those latent feelings of imagination and the feelings of magic are just a nice byproduct.

What Kind of Animals Do You Employ at the Shop?

We currently have a team of Tech Wombats, Delivery Foxes, Therapist Quokkas, and all kinds of Cats that do a bit of everything. We also have a Capybara that just kind of hangs out here.

What Did Andy Do Before Opening the Store?

Prior to starting this Shop, Kehoe ran a secret animal gambling ring in the forest behind his house. It could be called “seedy” but that was mostly due to the immense amount of seed shells left from inconsiderate birds and rowdy squirrels. After numerous fights and endless hustle attempts, all squirrels were banned from the casino 6 years ago, along with blue jays who can’t seem to talk without screaming.

Why All the Squirrel Security?

The squirrels still hold a deep grudge against Andy for the casino banning and have subsequently been banned from the Art Shop in perpetuity. All winter, they sit in their cold little holes and devise ways to take Andy down. The best they’ve come up with is to sneak in on the backs of customers and run all over everything. Honestly, it could be worse. The clean up is kind of annoying but its the smug look on their faces that we can't tolerate. Like they’re really getting one over on us.

A Squirrel Told Me I Can Get a Free Print Using the Code: KehoeStanks4Eva. Is That True?

Come on.