• Fresh Blood

    Some of my prints have been up for a while so I’m putting them into back stock and bringing out some freshlings. I just posted 3 new prints to entice your mind grapes. You can see them via my Etsy Store.

    Also dropped the prices of all my prints. A “Punch The Economy In The Balls” discount. 

    In other news, I’ve got a print through Tiny Showcase coming up very soon. Love those guys, love what they’re doing and I love that they love doing what they love and that makes me love it all even more. Should be out in a couple weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

    I was feeling a bit annoyed and down today because I kept forgetting things and had to keep going back to the house and back to the shipping place and back to the house again… one of those days. Then a Paul Simon song came on, the sun peeked through the clouds and everything felt better. I even saw some teenage goth girl smelling the flowers. That was a sure sign to snap the hell out of it. And I did. All is well.

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